Our Services

Select high quality suppliers

In order to ensure the quality of our products to our customers and to strictly screen every supplier, we will do due diligence. We will cooperate with suppliers with excellent reputation and certification by authoritative organizations. Only after strict supplier background investigation and qualification review can we join our supplier sequence, which also ensures the quality and safety of our products on raw materials Reliable.

Professional R & D team

Our R & D team is composed of outstanding engineers, famous aromaticians, and R & D director of cosmetics R & D for 21 years, leading a number of doctoral supervisors, doctors, and masters. Dozens of patents, more than 3000 perfume formulations, three R & D laboratories (perfume, make-up, skin care products), has been walking in the forefront of cosmetics technology research and development.

Free sample sending service

Zhuofen has corresponding samples for all product circulation channels, and can also customize your products according to your needs. We will have a professional R & D team to deploy your samples in the whole process.

Free product design service

We have a product design and development team of more than 10 people, from bottle appearance design, mold opening to color box design, drawing and sample production, we will give you the most professional suggestions and product packaging based on your product characteristics and your needs.

Professional marketing team

Provide the most referential market data report (sales data, the most popular products in the market, market trends...), we will analyze your products in depth, and provide a product feasibility plan for each product.

Provide three certificates and registered trademark for free

We will provide three licenses (business license, health license, production license) for each customer who places an order for free. If you want to make your own brand but do not have a trademark temporarily, we will provide trademark registration services for free. We have stable and lasting enterprise service companies.

legal advice

Our team can answer all kinds of cosmetics laws and regulations for you, handle export declaration and customs clearance for customers, and consult local cosmetics laws and regulations of various countries for free.